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Research using Cozie

The publications listed below use Cozie. Some but not all publications listed below are authored by the makers of Cozie.

  • Cozie Apple: An iOS mobile and smartwatch application for environmental quality satisfaction and physiological data collection
    Federico Tartarini, Mario Frei, Stefano Schiavon, Yun Xuan Chua, Clayton Miller
    (2023) Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2600(14), 142003.

  • Utilizing wearable technology to characterize and facilitate occupant collaborations in flexible workspaces
    Kristi Maisha, Mario Frei, Matias Quintana, Yun Xuan Chua, Rishee Jain, Clayton Miller
    (2023) Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2600(14), 142009

  • Investigation of personal air pollution exposures and occupants' fresh air demands in two office buildings in Switzerland
    Seoyeon Yun, Dusan Licina
    (2023) Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2600(10), 102010

  • Investigation of indicators for personal exposure and occupancy in offices by using smart sensors
    Seoyeon Yun, Dusan Licina
    (2023). Energy and Buildings, 113539

  • Towards Human-centric Digital Twins: Leveraging Computer Vision and Graph Models to Predict Outdoor Comfort
    Pengyuan Liu, Tianhong Zhao, Junjie Luo, Binyu Lei, Mario Frei, Clayton Miller, Filip Biljecki
    (2023). Sustainable Cities and Society, 93, 104480

  • Towards smartwatch-driven just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI) for building occupants
    Clayton Miller, Yun Xuan Chua, Mario Frei, Matias Quintana
    (2022). BuildSys '22: Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings, Cities, and Transportation

  • Personal comfort models based on a 6‐month experiment using environmental parameters and data from wearables.
    Tartarini, F., Schiavon, S., Quintana, M., & Miller, C.
    (2022). Indoor Air, 32(11), e13160.

  • Cohort comfort models - Using occupant’s similarity to predict personal thermal preference with less data.
    Quintana, M., Schiavon, S., Tartarini, F., Kim, J., & Miller, C.
    (2022). Building and Environment, 109685.

  • Targeting occupant feedback using digital twins: Adaptive spatial–temporal thermal preference sampling to optimize personal comfort models.
    Abdelrahman, M. M., & Miller, C. .
    (2022) Building and Environment, 218, 109090.

  • Personal thermal comfort models using digital twins: Preference prediction with BIM-extracted spatial–temporal proximity data from Build2Vec.
    Abdelrahman, M. M., Chong, A., & Miller, C.
    (2022). Building and Environment, 207, 108532.

  • Smartwatch-based ecological momentary assessments for occupant wellness and privacy in buildings
    Miller, C., Christensen, R., Leong, J. K., Abdelrahman, M., Tartarini, F., Quintana, M., Müller, M.M., & Frei, M.
    (2022). (PDF) Smartwatch-based ecological momentary assessments for occupant wellness and privacy in buildings.

  • The Internet-of-Buildings (IoB)—Digital twin convergence of wearable and IoT data with GIS/BIM."
    Miller, C., Abdelrahman, M., Chong, A., Biljecki, F., Quintana, M., Frei, M., Chew, M. & Wong, D.
    (2021, November). In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 2042, No. 1, p. 012041). IOP Publishing.

  • Longitudinal personal thermal comfort preference data in the wild.
    Quintana, M., Abdelrahman, M., Frei, M., Tartarini, F., & Miller, C.
    (2021, November). In Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (pp. 556-559).

  • Humans-as-a-Sensor for Buildings - Intensive Longitudinal Indoor Comfort Models.
    Jayathissa P, Quintana M, Abdelrahman M, Miller C.
    (2020). Buildings, 10(10):174.

  • Spacematch: Using environmental preferences to match occupants to suitable activity-based workspaces.
    Sood, T., Janssen, P., & Miller, C.
    (2020). Frontiers in Built Environment, 6, 113.

  • Differences in thermal comfort state transitional time among comfort preference groups
    P Sae-Zhang, M Quintana, C Miller
    The 16th Conference of the International Societyof Indoor Air Quality & Climate ONLINE

  • Is your clock-face cozie? A smartwatch methodology for the in-situ collection of occupant comfort data.
    Jayathissa, P., Quintana, M., Sood, T., Nazarian, N., & Miller, C.
    (2019, November). In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1343, No. 1, p. 012145). IOP Publishing.

Review papers including Cozie

The publications listed below are not necessarily authored by the makers of Cozie. However, Cozie is mentioned in these publications.

  • A Review of the Use of Wearables in Indoor Environmental Quality Studies and an Evaluation of Data Accessibility from a Wearable Device.
    Abboushi, B., Safranek, S., Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez, E., Pratoomratana, S., Chen, Y., Poplawski, M., & Davis, R.
    (2022). Frontiers in Built Environment, 8.

  • Self-Reports in the Field Using Smartwatches: An Open-Source Firmware Solution.
    Volsa, S., Batinic, B., & Stieger, S.
    (2022). Sensors, 22(5), 1980.

  • Transformational IoT sensing for air pollution and thermal exposures.
    Pantelic, J., Nazarian, N., Miller, C., Meggers, F., Lee, J. K. W., & Licina, D.
    (2022). Frontiers In Built Environment, 8, 971523.