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Review papers including Cozie

The publications listed below are not necessarily authored by the makers of Cozie. However, Cozie is mentioned in these publications.

  • A Review of the Use of Wearables in Indoor Environmental Quality Studies and an Evaluation of Data Accessibility from a Wearable Device.
    Abboushi, B., Safranek, S., Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez, E., Pratoomratana, S., Chen, Y., Poplawski, M., & Davis, R.
    (2022). Frontiers in Built Environment, 8.

  • Self-Reports in the Field Using Smartwatches: An Open-Source Firmware Solution.
    Volsa, S., Batinic, B., & Stieger, S.
    (2022). Sensors, 22(5), 1980.

  • Transformational IoT sensing for air pollution and thermal exposures.
    Pantelic, J., Nazarian, N., Miller, C., Meggers, F., Lee, J. K. W., & Licina, D.
    (2022). Frontiers In Built Environment, 8, 971523.