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Cozie is a smartwatch application for human comfort data collection. It prompts users to respond to quick right-here-right-now surveys on smartwatches. Each survey response is tagged with the location of the participant. Cozie is also able to collect additional information, such as heart rate.

Cozie is available for the Apple Watch and select Fitbit devices.

To find out more about Cozie on the different platforms, visit the respective websites:

Alternatively, you can contact us at


Below is a list of publications about Cozie or research involving Cozie, as well as research relevant to Cozie

How to cite us

For Cozie-Apple, please cite us as follows:

Tartarini, F., Frei M., Schiavon, S., Chua Y. X., and Miller, C., (2023) Cozie Apple: An iOS mobile and smartwatch application for environmental quality satisfaction and physiological data collection

For Cozie-Fitbit, please cite us as follows:

Prageeth Jayathissa, Matias Quintana, Tapeesh Sood and Negin Nazarian, Clayton Miller (2019) Is your clock-face cozie? A smartwatch methodology for the in-situ collection of occupant comfort data