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Apple vs. Fitbit

Cozie is available for the Apple Watch and for select Fitbit devices. Watch-based surveys are available on both frameworks. However, the surrounding feature set differs between the two frameworks and might also depend on the exact devices used.

Please note that starting June 2024, third-party apps will no longer be available on the Fitbit app gallery in the EU, and hence, Cozie for Fitbit will no longer be available in the EU. (Source)


Cozie Fitbit:

Cozie Fitbit Flow


Cozie Apple:

Cozie Apple Flow

Feature set comparison


Features Cozie Fitbit Cozie Apple
Clock faceCozie Fitbit screenCozie Fitbit screen
Android phones Yes No
iPhones Yes Yes
Watch surveys Yes Yes
User definable watch surveyNo (requires changes to the app)Yes (link to JSON file)
Follow-up questions Yes Yes
Heart rate data at the time of question flow response Yes Yes
GPS data at the time of question flow response Yes Yes (including accuracy metrics)
Heart rate data all day Yes (from Fitbit API) Yes
Resting heart rate data Yes Yes
Scheduled reminders watch surveys Yes Yes
Number of response options per question flow question 4 unlimited
Heart rate variability data all day No Yes
Stand time data No Yes
Step count data No Yes
Walking distance data No Yes
Noise data No Yes
Blood oxygen saturation data No Yes
Sleep analysis data No Yes
Externally triggered notifications No Yes
Instantaneous response submission to database No Yes
Phone survey No Yes
Configurable participation hours No Yes
Configurable participation days No Yes
Response counter in app No Yes
Wrist temperature data No Yes (one value per night)
Workout type No Yes (in development)
Workout duration No Yes (in development)
Activity minutes No Yes (in development)
Indoor location No No